Exercise and Reading


I started reading this book.  I was a little nervous since it was published in the mid nineties and well the cover is a bit dated.  I was wondering what kind of advise could this book give me.  Then I came to this page and realized this book was for me.


Now I’m enjoying the advise this book has to offer.


I’m missing my Mamasita today.  She died on April 7th, 2016.  While I enjoy the new kitten she is no replacement for Mama.  I am also diving into the Harry Potter book in this photo.


Reading and Getting Fit


My kitten is getting so big.  She is now Eight and a Half weeks old.


I’ve been going a bit over board with the pregnancy books (since I’m not pregnant), but I figure the more I know now the better it will be when I get pregnant.


I can get the kitties to snuggle if they are both asleep and i move them together.


I’ve been enjoying this book.  I love all the scientific research and the personal anecdotes of the author.

The biggest thing I need to do is get my eating under control.  I tend to eat lots of cupcakes when I’m stressed out.  I’ve been very stressed out recently and eating lots of cupcakes.  Though that is not the only thing that needs to be under control.  I need to eat more wholesome and nutritious foods to fuel my body  and be healthy for my future child.

The other thing I need to focus on is exercising.  I’ve been walking more since I’ve had my fitbit, but as my hubby has pointed out is that I need more intense cardio and strength training.



Zelda is getting bigger and bigger every day.  On Tuesday she will be 8 weeks old.


Zoey is coming around to the new kitten. She plays with her and has been snuggling with her as well.


I’ve finished my first pregnancy (or Pre-pregnancy) Book.


I’m trying to deiced which book to read next.

IMG_1478 IMG_1479

The weekend

I’ve had an ear infection all week.  The cold that usually precedes an ear infection came after and I’ve been sneezing and coughing.  I’ve been lying low.  Resting and recuperating.  This means I’ve been reading.  Probably over reading, but that is okay.  Here are the four books I’m chewing on currently.
Two for pleasure:

Two for the future: