December has come and gone.

This was the last Christmas before the baby comes and it was fairly normal.  Some family drama, some relaxation, and plenty of food.

Winter break began with our usual trek to the golden state.


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I ‘m contemplating my day, this last Saturday in August.

Contemplating my week ahead, how to tell my brand new employer that I need half the day off on Friday.

Contemplating the next month and the several after that.

As you may have gathered this blog was established for my journey to parenthood.  This journey has officially started.  Though due to several factors including going off my antidepressants, surging hormones, constant nausea, unknown financial situation, and just generally not knowing where we are going to be even a few months down the road, my enthusiasm is no where to be found.

My solution is to lay on the couch and re-watch the Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  Maybe I’ll get enough energy to clean my house or start my book group book.