Oh, that ticking clock

Look what came in the mail this week.



Day One

Yesterday my husband, Alex, flew to Alaska.  I kissed him and said good bye.  Our last kiss for four weeks.  I miss him in waves.  He really has not been gone long enough to really miss him, but I know he is gone and this is hard.

I tried to keep busy all day and not think about how alone I was going to be for the next few weeks.  When I came home from work I was like a woman possessed I cleaned and cleaned the almost clean house until Izzi called about us going out.  We first looked at puppies and kittens.  Then we gorged ourselves on Sushi.  I was saddened when I had a split second thought of texting Alex to see if he needed anything for me to bring home.

Home was quiet.  I watched T.V. until I was so tired I was about to pass out.  I woke up around four in the morning like I always do when he is not in bed with me.  I hugged his pillow close and drifted back to sleep.  I woke up to Zoey snuggling with me and wished (not for the first time) that there was a tiny us.

Day One: Zoey having a lay in.

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